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Reference Letter

Regarding Drone Application in ARSIC West, Afghanistan, 2008




Thomas Waterman immediately sought out opportunities to bring his skill set to a productive and efficient contribution to the missions, regardless the challenges or circumstances.  When I met him, I had only heard of drone use on very high priority missions and high value targets.  With so much going on and a very high operations tempo I didn’t have much time to delve into the particulars or nuances of what the burgeoning technology could add to our capabilities, especially considering our goals in a remote Afghan valley.  Tom showed me that I was very mistaken, a fact for which I am still grateful!  He introduced our team to a drone the Army was calling a raven, hand launched, required very little support equipment, and really relied on Tom’s skill alone to produce usable data and information.  Tom’s uncanny knack for anticipating our information requirements and flying routes, points of interest, and related objectives was an enormous boost to our mission success rate and overall effect in the area of operations.  His professional, positive, and intelligent demeanor meant success for multiple user groups that he served with excellent and timely drone collected data.  Being that I was primarily tasked with the development of forward operating bases, I needed data and information that allowed estimation, quantification, and survey.  I needed topographic and geospatial information readily accessible.  Tom quickly provided this, before I knew what to ask for.  He was able to tailor his services to more than relieve my needs for information.  He very quickly integrated my feedback on the data streams and anticipate requirements.   With his timely response and tailored solutions in austere and non-ideal circumstances, I would readily call on Tom for support with a wide variety of data needs.   Tom has shown a rare capacity to assess a client’s needs and programs, produce a series of options and tailored approaches, as well as successfully implement and manage the follow-on collection efforts.  I look forward to working with and calling on his skills in the near future!


Maj. Zachary Humbles